Monday, March 02, 2020

Pics of the Day

This past weekend I made a voyage beyond the stars, or maybe just the Queensboro bridge, to the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria for their current exhibit on Stanley Kubrick's classic sci-fi masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey, and hoo boy am I glad I did. When I tell you that I involuntarily squealed when I saw the little red eyeball of the HAL 9000 prop staring at me from across the room I think you'll probably understand. 

It was like the "meet cute" in a rom-com! All the noise from the room disappeared, everybody else faded away, and me and HAL were suddenly alone, just me and my HAL dancing around the room in slow-motion to the tune of "Daisy Daisy." It was the most romantic moment of my entire life. I spontaneously gave birth to several floppy disks that day, my friends!

Anyway my point is you obviously should go to MOMI for this exhibit if you're in New York at any time before it closes in July. They're also screening a bunch of classics alongside -- I got to see Ridley Scott's Alien, hubba hubba -- what an erotic adventure that was. That said I'll now share a few more photos I took of the show, including props and models and costumes and the like, after the jump...

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