Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Pic of the Day

Bounteous gratitude to the actor Chris Lowell (aka Forever Piz) for sharing this photo of himself on the set of the fourth and final season of GLOW, aka the best show on Netflix. Wait is it? I said that without really giving it much thought. What do you think the best show on Netflix is? it's either this or Mindhunter? Am I forgetting something? Anyway thanks for the photo, Chris. I can't wait to see what they do with his character Bash this time around -- his arc's been so unexpected and complicated, never an easy read which is deeply appreciated. He's not a victim, he's often an asshole, but the show keeps its eyes on what's driving him at every turn. More queer characters like this please!


Anonymous said...


Love your blog, but the best show on Netflix is The Crown. Check it out.

Ryan T. said...

I think the early seasons of Orange is the New Black and most of Sense8 would be my pick for Best Netflix show not to mention one-season masterpieces like Unbelievable and Russian Doll. GLOW is definitely great though.

JS said...

Ozark is the best. Ozark. Laura Linney and Julia Garner for life!

NealB said...


ferretrick said...

Haunting of Hill House