Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Her Name Is Shelley Duvall

I don't intentionally keep writing up movies about isolation for my "Great Performances in Horror Actressing" series over at The Film Experience week after week (see also: Repulsion last week) but it keeps happening and, uhh, it makes some sense. This week I wrote a lil' ode to Shelley Duvall's top notch work in The Shining, which is by my estimation one of the single greatest feats of acting in any movie, period. I do think that the opinion on her work here has, over the past few years, greatly swung around to my side... but I'm gonna keep on yelling it just in case.

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FoxVerde said...

i was kinda disappointed the dr. sleep movie didn't give shelley a small cameo, i know she's in a weird headspace lately but it might have been good for her.