Monday, February 03, 2020

Wood, E., Hassled Son

Can you believe that the Lord of the Rings trilogy, as long as you measure it by its first film, turns 20 next year? What the holy eff. We're all dust, just dust. Anyway, moving on to more recent Frodo content, while I was more enamored with the first half of Come To Daddy than its second when I caught it at Tribeca last spring -- here's that review -- I have to admit the movie's stayed fresh in my brain in the many many months since and I am looking forward to seeing it a second time. The stachiness alone! Here's its trailer:
The film -- which has Elijah Wood playing a David Rose type who's gone to visit his long estranged father (the great character actor Stephen McHattie) on his death bed only to, well, their complications have complications -- is hitting theaters this weekend and as seen below if you're in California or New York you might be able to see Elijah and his director Ant Timpson in person for a Q&A.

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The Bad-Ass Penguin said...

I want to carry Elijah around in my pocket... a little pick-me-up to bring out and squeeze when feeling blue.