Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Big Boy of Buffaloed

Speaking if Jai Courtney -- what, I did throwaway mention that Captain Boomerang should get his own spin-off yesterday in my Birds of Prey review, that totally counts -- I keep forgetting to share a very important bit of information! A comedy called Buffaloed that he's got a small-ish role in is opening up here in New York (at the Quad to be specific) and a few other cities this weekend -- check this link for where and when -- and it's an absolute fucking delight.

Fuckin' delight! If this sounds at all familiar good for you, you pay attention to me, because I reviewed the movie at Tribeca last spring. One thing I said:

"Buffaloed gets its sense of place, and what's so funny about its sense of place, so right that it builds its own little magical world out of it."

That place is Buffalo New York, not far from where I grew up myself, so I know from what I speak. Anyway the movie actually stars comic wunderkind Zoey Deutsch (you know her from Set It Up and The Politician as of late) as a colorful debt collector on little bit of a rampage; Jai plays her boss and rival, while Judy Greer, ever loving Judy Greer, plays her mom. 

And the movie doesn't totally waste Judy Greer! That's reason enough to buy a ticket. Also on board is Schitt's Creek husband-to-be Noah Reid as her brother and Jermaine Fowler as her love interest. The movie's a whole heckuva lotta fun, says me. Here's the trailer:

Oh and Deutsch and director Tanya Wexler (who's working with Jai again on Jolt, which I told you about previously right here) will actually be doing some Q&As at screenings this weekend here in NYC, and you can check the Quad's site for the specifics. (If Jai was actually gonna be there I would be too, but alas.)

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