Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Pumpkin (2002)

Robert Meary: I can't teach people to write poetry. It has to come from your experience... from your insides. Listen babe, I could show you great poems which you will begin by imitating. If you have some talent, you might write a decent poem by the end of the semester.
Cici: What do you do if everything inside you is ugly?
Robert Meary: Your life may be ugly, kid, but a successful poem about it will not be ugly because the poem will illuminate and communicate the horror of your life to other people.
Carolyn: What do you mean, the horror of our lives? Why should anything be horrible or ugly? Why can't everything be beautiful and perfect?

Happy 40 to the beautiful and perfect Christina Ricci!

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Scott said...

Pumpkin is fascinating. Sadly underseen.