Friday, February 21, 2020

Bang Bang It's the Weekend Boys

That photo of Rainer Werner Fassbinder at a table full of guns sure is a mood, and I am feeling it. Revolution, motherfuckers! Or I could just go see his great 1975 movie Fear of Fear at MoMA tonight. One of the two. Margit Carstensen, or Revolution. We'll see in a minute. 

On that note it's the weekend and I'm officially the fuck out of here. If you've come here looking for advice on a movie to watch while also being in new York I have two recommendations for you and they are both playing at Film Forum -- I just reviewed the 1983 anti-war epic Come and See, a flick I've been terrified of seeing for ages given its reputation and which, well, it lived up to its reputation but I'm angry at myself for putting it off; it's brutal but astonishing, one of the absolute greats. 

The other movie I recommend at Film Forum is Poland's nominee for Best International Feature this past month at the Oscars, called Corpus Christi -- read my review of that right here. As a deep skeptic, to put it mildly, of religion and its institutions I found this to be a fascinatingly ambiguous dig into that mind-set.

As for movies I don't recommend I didn't much like the new Emma with Anya Taylor-Joy, which kinda depressed me -- I root for her as a bonafide disciple of The Witch but this one just didn't work. Even if there are a bunch of cute boys wearing tight-in-the-right-spots  trousers. You can't win 'em all, I guess.

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