Wednesday, January 29, 2020

We Assist What We Assist

We are all fans of Julia Garner by now right? I've sought out her superbly watchable face ever since she tore through the We Are What We Are remake in 2013 but you've really had to be agile, looking for her in small roles here and there, scattered about on TV and indies. I think that might maybe hopefully change now though thanks to The Assistant, her Hashtag Me Too movie (in the crudest sense) out this weekend, which finally gives her the full spotlight with which to shine, and shine she do. 

Anyway you can read my full thoughts on her and on the very fine film that got built around her over at AwardsWatch today, where I'm debuting my very first review for them! Very happy and very proud to be writing for them, so click on over and get that traffic properly trafficking please and thanks.

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