Friday, January 10, 2020

Soft Boy Beards Get Us Wet

If you follow me on Twitter then you know I am perhaps dumbly excited to see the aquatic horror movie Underwater starring Kristen Stewart this weekend -- I haven't read any reviews but the tweets linking to reviews seem to be all over the damn place, and as a film being dropped in January one has every reason to be skeptical... AND YET. And yet it's an Aquatic Horror Movie! Starring a super butch Kristen Stewart! And also starring soft-boy John Gallagher Jr (seen here, via) and Vincent Cassel (seen here earlier today)! I don't think a movie can contain these precise elements and not make me even just a little bit happy. Like Disaster Movies I have a soft-spot slash blind-spot for water-based horror movies -- I kinda love them all. I guess we'll see soon enough. On a related side-note click here for a recent gratuitous post I did on Gallagher that's totally worth a click see, and if you hit the jump I'll have a few more from this beardy good photoshoot...

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Mike Johnson said...

"Soft boy"...such a completely accurate description of Gallagher in the best way possible. Let's hope he puts that softness on display again. "Modern Love" only whetted our appetites.