Thursday, January 09, 2020

Riz Ahmed Eight Times

I could've sworn I'd heard something about Riz Ahmed's "sexy shirtless deaf drummer" movie  called Sound of Metal getting a release date sometime early this year but I guess I hallucinated that -- or maybe I dreamt it, since I really do have dreams sometimes where I blog something only to find out later that no such thing happened, and me dreaming about sexy shirtless Riz Ahmed isn't much of a stretch -- because there is no word of any such thing anywhere.

But for some reason Esquire Italia has Riz on their cover this month anyway -- I mean I would have Riz on my magazine cover as often as I could if I had a magazine to cover, but these things are usually reserved for when people have a product to promote... besides their sexy selves I mean... and I got tricked into thinking the drummer movie was imminent just now because here he is and he's covering magazines. Alas. But we can enjoy the shoot all the same, we sure can, after the jump...

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