Thursday, January 30, 2020

Good Morning, World

If you can believe it Mr. Tom Selleck turned 75 years old yesterday -- I mean I suppose you might believe it since who's seen Tom Selleck lately? IMDb says he's on some show called Blue Bloods but I don't believe that, that's a made up thing. Tom Selleck hasn't been in anything since he made this here movie Mr. Baseball in 1992, and then he died. That's my story. Mr. Baseball killed Tom Selleck. RIP Tom Selleck. Hit the jump to appreciate some gifs the much beloved and bestached actor in his final role...

PS Tom Selleck is fine, he sends his love.


shaun said...

He is such a perfect example of someone I was told -- by society generally -- was hot when I was a kid. I did not get it. Now, as a very gay adult who knows better what he likes and what is hot, I very much DO get it. Yum. His politics just makes him -- well, the 80s version of him -- a perfect hate f&*^.

Anonymous said...

What's your issue with his politics?