Thursday, January 23, 2020

Good Morning, Gratuitous Kelvin Harrison Jr.

Well, let's give this a whirl! In case you missed it I've been laid up sick like for the past two days; well I am marginally better today -- better enough to get off the couch and come to my office anyway, and when I'm in front of a computer what else am I gonna do but entertain you folks? Dance monkey et cetera. I don't know what sort of insight or wit or "generosity of spirit" you should plan on receiving, given I'm propped up and then just barely by a heady cocktail of [fill in the blank]-afeds, but... yeah we'll give it a whirl. Anyway I'd prepped this batch of pictures of Kelvin here before I got sick but then never got around to posting them, so bright shining light they serve me well now, when words aren't quite. Hit the jump for a couple dozen of a young man who totally should've been nominated for an Oscar this year, two even...

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