Thursday, January 02, 2020

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Curt: We set out to change the world...
ended up just changing ourselves.
Arthur: What's wrong with that?
Curt: Nothing, if you don't look at the world.

I feel as if I definitely have to wish director Todd Haynes a happy 59th birthday today, since I spent a lot of December dogging his most recent movie Dark Waters -- he remains one of my all-time favorites, really he does; every director's allowed a dog or two... or ten even if they were once responsible for Safe and Velvet Goldmine and Far From Heaven and motherfucking Carol for chrissakes. You're allowed a Dark Waters now and then with that record. (And yes I am aware there's a good percentage of my fellow critics who love Dark Waters. They are mistaken.) And now I give you two shots from one of the greatest actor-director photo-shoots of all time...


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