Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Boy in the Sand

Two weeks ago Liam Hemsworth was photographed "canoodling" at the beach with his new gal pal, and we were there. Well not physically there, since if we'd actually be there in person we'd still be there, buried happily dead in the sand. But we were there in spirit at least, enthusiastically eyeballing the festivities. I'd updated that post a couple of times when new photos showed up, so enthusiastic was I. But then about a week after that, once we'd semi moved on -- since we weren't actually dead and happy in that sand -- even more showed up! So instead of going back and adding them to that old post at this point let's just give him a new one, ehh? It's a Tuesday noon-time, I know you're not doing anything better than hitting the jump and enjoying twenty new ones of these...

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