Thursday, January 02, 2020

5 Off My Head - Xmas Vacation Had To Get Away

So guess what I just found out? I just found out that my office is giving us the bonus gift of an extra holiday day, and we'll be closed tomorrow. Hooray for my hangover, which is thumping -- I can nurse myself back to the usual level of foolishness over a long weekend and look like something bright and shiny come Monday and not this moist fur-ball you see before you today. (Okay you probably weren't picturing a moist fur-ball but now you are, and you're welcome for that.) 

Anyway I figured a good way to get my juices on their way back to flowing would be to take stock of some stuff I watched over the break, and so that's what we'll do now. Weirdly, even with several "Best of 2019" deadlines approaching I didn't actually watch too much new-to-me stuff; I already felt relatively caught up going into the holiday thanks to the screeners + screenings I'm over-privileged with by just living in NYC and being the member of GALECA. But I did see some new stuff, and here is the best of it. I highly recommend all of these things, which I may or may not write actual reviews of next week...

The 5 Best Things I Watched Over the Holidays

Wild Nights With Emily (dir. Madeleine Olnek)

Peterloo (dir. Mike Leigh) 

(dir. Pamela B. Green)

I Lost My Body (dir. Jérémy Clapin)
Invisible Life (dir. Karim Aïnouz)


What are the best things that
 you watched over the holidays?

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How was I Lost My Body/