Monday, December 16, 2019

Top Glen 2

I liked the teaser trailer for Top Gun Maverick that they released back in July way better because that one really properly showed off Glen Powell's shirtless beach football moves, while the full trailer they just dropped on us today really only shows off Miles Teller...

... and ain't nobody asking for that. (I will give Miles props for those abs though -- they might be attached to Miles Teller but those are fine upstanding young abs.) 

Anyway there's other stuff in the trailer, Tom Cruise like... 
flies a plane or whatever. Here watch for yourself:

Maverick starring Glen Powell comes out on July 26th.


Anonymous said...

This looks way too heterosexual for me, despite the abs. And what happened to Jennifer Connelly's career?

Forever1267 said...

Please dont let him be shaved!!!

Dave R said...

Another movie where an aging Cruise desperately tries to be youthfully relevant.