Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Ultraviolence For the Poor

Last week I fell down a very deep hole watching the special features on Arrow's brand new blu-ray 4K restoration of Paul Verhoeven's sci-fi masterpiece Robocop -- there are chats with everybody about everything, the featurettes go on and on, I couldn't even make it through them all. I couldn't even make it around to watching any of that 4K restoration, which by the way is of not only the original cut but they also restored the Director's Cut as well, so immersed in other bells and whistles was I. So I'll probably be watching those over the holidays.

Speaking of with Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming this is a good time to remind everyone that a good way to support your most favorite website MNPP -- besides clicking on that little DONATE button in the right-hand column and doing that directly, wink wink -- is to go shopping at Amazon through this link, or search for things and click over in that Amazon box also in the right-hand column. 

I know, I know, Amazon is an evil corporation and all that, but don't pretend you don't buy your emergency underpants there. And if you buy your emergency underpants there through my link some of the money gets swindled out of Jeff Bezos' shabby chic pockets and into mine! Everybody wins! Especially Jeff Bezos. Bastard person.

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