Thursday, November 21, 2019

Lips On Fire

Behold a gorgeous new poster for Céline Sciamma's forthcoming romantic feature Portrait of a Lady on Fire, designed by Akiko Stehmberger -- I would hang the shit out of that on my wall. Total stunner. This movie, which is  one of those movies you can just immediately tell are going to be iconic, visually speaking, is going to inspire such stunning pieces as long as we're still drawing and painting and writing and being. It's got the goods.

It was just announced today that the movie's getting a one-week Oscar qualifying on December 6th in New York and Los Angeles -- find tickets here -- after which it'll disappear until Valentine's Day 2020, when it'll hit more theaters. I hate when that happens for all y'all outside these cities too, so don't shoot the messenger! I mean sure yes I have already personally seen the movie twice myself -- read my review here -- but I'm not your enemy... Ha ha I kid -- of course I am! I win, suckers!

1 comment:

AxFromMN said...

That's annoying that an Oscar movie isn't going to play until AFTER the Oscars