Friday, November 22, 2019

Josh O'Connor Six Times

Don't those trousers above look so velvety? I just want to run my hands across them and not even (just) for the usual reasons. This is the second photo-shoot from Zoo Magazine I'm featuring today (see also here) -- I found this one here first since it's newer, which led me to the other one, yadda yadda what am I even rambling about. Anyway this one's maybe not as thrilling as his recent sporty shirtless Esquire shoot but it'll do.

I've been considering watching the new season of The Crown even though I haven't watched any of the previous just for Josh here (who has our forever love thanks to God's Own Country) and Olivia Colman as well -- what do y'all think? Should I? Is it worth it? And by "is it worth it" what I mean is is "does Alec Secareanu show up as a Romanian Prince in a red sweater who goes at it with Prince Charles during a pheasant hunt" or something similar? Hit the jump for the rest of the shoot... 


Aquinas1220 said...

I've loved all the seasons of the Crown. And while Olivia Colman doesn't quite nail home Elizabeth as much as Clair Foy did, Josh O'Connor is great as Charles and actually makes you feel kind of sorry for the prince

Anonymous said...

Olivia colman es extraordinaria mas que claire foy