Friday, November 22, 2019

Good Morning, World

A happy birthday to Mark Ruffalo -- as reparations for my negative review of his new movie with Todd Haynes I had intended to share with you some gifs from his film Apartment 12 but in the middle of making those I suddenly felt this twang of recognition and went and looked and I'd posted them before, right here. Click there, them's good! Anyway here are some shots of him in the 2002 movie XX/XY that I don't think I've posted, so that's something. I forgot he had a stache for part of that film! That said I've basically forgotten everything about that film. Anybody remember anything about it?

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[ joe ] said...

Coincidentally, I'd been saving this one for months to watch it today, on the occasion of his birthday, and I gotta say there's something else, other than his mustache, that you should remember this movie by. He might've even mentioned he wants us to think about it:

Happy Birthday to you, Mark!

[ j ]