Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Jean: I’m glad you guys feel better.
Unfortunately I’m still fucked up.
Danny: Do you want to take a swing?
Jean: I could smash every car in this
parking lot and burn the hospital
down and it wouldn’t un-fuck me up.

A happy 50 to Elizabeth Marvel today! What a shit-show that she didn't get any awards traction for this wonderful performance in 2017 -- I liked TMS a lot but she was far and away its highlight, but then we should be used to her being the best thing about good things by now. I mean I saw her on stage with Glenda fucking Jackson last year in King Lear and I walked away only wanting to talk about Elizabeth Marvel's (okay and Ruth Wilson's) performance -- what is that? (Sidenote: Marvel also does some good work in Swallow, my first favorite movie of 2020.)

It looks like this year might end up being the year that Noah Baumbach finally gets his awards attention with Marriage Story, and I certainly don't begrudge that -- that's not only a very good movie (I haven't reviewed it yet, but yes it is good) but it's a movie that's responsible for my beloved Paris Theater reopening for the foreseeable future, so give it all of the awards. Still Meyerowitz Stories feels very underrated to me here two years later, especially in the midst of watching Adam Sandler get praise for his work in the Safdie's latest Uncut Gems, a performance I straight up hated. Nooo critics, don't encourage these bad instincts! Do more like Meyerowitz, Adam.

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