Tuesday, October 22, 2019

His Name is Luca

A happy 35th birthday today to Luca Marinelli, the old-fashioned-seeming Italian movie-star most recently seen by yours truly in the NYFF movie Martin Eden -- I never did review that myself but I thought it was pretty captivating; it felt like an old-school political epic a la Reds, in a good way? It was maybe a lot of movie, a big movie, to plunk down in the middle of a film festival -- it's one that deserves more thought than I could really give it before I shuffled off to the next one. I hope to revisit it when it gets a proper release here in the US, which it probably will... here in New York anyway. Anyway anyway click here to see a lot more of Luca, who we've feted before, and will most certainly again. He's got That Thing.

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Anonymous said...

And by "thing" I assume you mean that big old donkey booty!