Friday, October 11, 2019

Good Morning, World

The King starring Timmy C and Joel Edgerton, seen above (via) is hitting some theaters today -- I'm not sure how many theaters Netflix has managed to get it into before it hits their service on November 1st -- but perhaps you'll be near one and perhaps you'll be able to see it that way, which is preferable by far, says me.

If you missed The King's trailer watch it right here. Anyway the crew has been making the PR rounds for the film and The Daily Mail caught Joel taking advantage of their quick trip to Sydney with a jaunt into the warm waters of Bondi Beach (thx to Paul for the heads-up) and if you hit the jump I've got those pictures and gifs and video...

1 comment:

Mike Johnson said...

Delicious. Not that such comparisons are necessary, but I'll take this manly man over Daniel Craig in a Speedo any day. Great pics!