Friday, September 27, 2019

How Now First Cow

It's good to see John Magaro in a leading man role here and now at last with Kelly Reichardt's new film First Cow, you guys -- he's always been memorable whenever I've seen him in anything, from his role on Orange is the New Black to playing Therese's drinking buddy in Carol. And Reichardt really lets him shine, as she always does with every actor she puts under her microscope -- click on over to The Film Experience to read my review of First Cow, my first review out of this year's just opened New York Film Festival. And stay tuned for a lot more from NYFF coming shortly! And oh right also before that you can hit the jump if you want a few more John Magaro pictures to get you in the mood...

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Anonymous said...

I know he's very Italian but I always get him and Michael Stahl-David confused, both hot and talented I guess.