Thursday, September 12, 2019

Good Morning, World

A happy 41 to the Swedish actor Sverrir Gudnason today -- he's one of those actors that we've posted about a ton without ever really familiarizing ourselves with his work too much; we've only seen him in the most recent Lisbeth Salander movie The Girl in the Spider's Web and he didn't leave much of an impression there (nothing about that movie really did, although I do recall thinking it better than its reputation which is basement level). We we introduced to Sverrir when he played tennis god Bjorn Borg but we've still not managed to see that movie, somehow. The above gif is from the 2016 film A Serious Game, which is an adaptation a book by Hjalmar Söderberg that's been called "The Great Swedish Love Story," of which I am wholly unfamiliar. Any Swedes about to educate me?

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