Thursday, September 12, 2019

Biding Time With Bradley

This is a heads-up! Pretend you can hear that horrible braying beeping sound that your cable box bursts into on occasion when they say they're testing the Emergency Broadcast System, and pay ye attention. I'm headed out early today for a pair of screenings. (One of them starring this chap seen here who might seem familiar to your eyeballs, just maybe.) Then tomorrow will be a normal posting day, but since I'm here rambling about MNPP outages I might as well bring next week up now -- New York Film Festival screenings start on Monday. That means things will be getting real sporadic real quick, and they will stay that way for a few weeks as I, you know, see movies for that. I'll try to keep you updated and it's not every damn day, but just so you know -- that's coming. I'm already a little exhausted, so that's good! A good sign, before weeks of absolute overload. See y'all tomorrow.

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