Monday, August 19, 2019

Who Wore It Best?

I have posted about the 1975 film Royal Flash before -- directed by Superman director Richard Lester it stars Malcolm McDowell as well as nude-wrestling-friends Alan Bates and Oliver Reed, seen above -- but I still haven't watched it, even though that earlier post makes note of the movie being available to watch for free here on ye olde internet. It's uploaded onto YouTube now, even:
But since I just stumbled upon these photos of Bates & Reed being their typical scamp selves and I to be quite frank am having a real case of the braindead Mondays this afternoon, let's just give ourselves a luxurious stache poll to soak in and call it a day:

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olins said...

Sadly a poor movie from a wonderful series of books. True history through the eyes of a cad and a blunder.