Thursday, August 08, 2019

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... flying high with Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

The problem with drug movies is no matter how disgusting and grimy they inevitably get they always end up making me want to do drugs -- I haven't done drugs in decades (... crack doesn't count, right?) and yet my main takeaway from this here trailer for A Million Little Pieces starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson and his incredible edible abdominal muscles is gimme some of that! I'll smoke that shit!

That's the rub on drug movies -- you gotta glamorize the first part so the fall works, and who wouldn't trade seeing a backwards-headed baby scuttling across a ceiling for a second for the opportunity to bounce up and down on Ewan McGregor's dick? So Jason Patric and Timothee Chalamet get all sweaty with some dark eye circles -- I like them better that way anyway!

I am of course (mostly) kidding -- I just find drug movies and the addiction narrative played out on screen. I don't enjoy the experience of watching these movies, and their self help ethos grates on my nerves. Trainspotting works, Requiem For a Dream works, but in general these flicks tend to be too moribund and goody-goody for my tastes. All that said... I'll obviously be seeing AMLP the second it's out, because Aaron. And Charlie!

Can't forget Charlie. 
Here's the just released trailer:

AMLP hits theaters on December 6th.
Hit the jump for more gifs from the trailer...


Anonymous said...

I live a healthy lifestyle, don't eat shit, exercise and will never have a body of a tv junkie.

Anonymous said...

No nudes of this hot actor?

Frank said...

A movie about an addict based on a book that was partially faked? I think I will pass despite the possibility that Aaron May appear naked in it.