Monday, August 26, 2019

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... telling Gus Kenworthy to 
"Thrust it! Thrust it!"

If you don't get the Showgirls reference there you can clock out any time now -- anyway those there gifs are out of the just-dropped first full trailer for the new season of American Horror Story subtitled 1984, which will be dropping a bunch of Ryan Murphy's regulars and some new faces (not to mention buns of steel) into a Slasher setting and seeing what's left of them by the time the final credits roll. Watch:
AHS 1984 premieres on September 18th.


Aquinas1220 said...

This should be a lot of fun... hoping Jessica Lange shows up

Adam said...

The closest thing to Perfect that I’ve ever seen!

Mark said...

Not seeing what I'm coming to this show for: Gus Kenworthy in tighty-whities. It's Ryan Murphy, it's the 80's, it's a slasher pic: don't dick me over on this, Murphy.

John said...

I liked 1984,the opening credits looked very early 80s. Gus Kentworthy wasn't bad either