Thursday, August 01, 2019

Kelvin Harrison Jr. Two Times

Yesterday I reviewed Julius Onah's thrilling race drama Luce with a star-making lead performance from Kelvin Harrison Jr. (not to mention career best work from Octavia Spencer) -- you can read my review right here, and you can watch the trailer for the film right here. The movie's opening here in New York this weekend, with a nationwide rollout the following Friday August 9th, and I very much recommend you make it to the theater for this one -- not only does it speak to this moment in time in vital ways, it's some really fine moviemaking to boot. 

Anyway I wanted to give all y'all New Yorkers a particular heads-up that Onah & Harrison will be doing Q&As here in the city this weekend at the three theaters it's screening at; this would definitely be a good movie to hear the filmmakers talk about in person afterwards, I think! So here's that info:

Saturday, 6:00pm at AMC Lincoln Square
Saturday, 8:00pm at Angelika Film Center
Saturday, 9:00pm at Alamo Drafthouse
Sunday, 1:00pm at Alamo Drafthouse

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