Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Good Morning, World

I wonder if Justin Theroux realizes how fortunate he is to be friends with Amy Sedaris -- whenever he douches out, which is often, I just remind myself that Amy loves him and so I gotta set aside the douche. His new interview with GQ (thx Mac), which comes with these perfectly fine photos, has him douching out over all the secret little hideaways that he loves in Japan, but it does give us this quote at least:

"It's sort of an unhygienic habit to grab people with fists and start pumping away."

Yes I took that totally out of context but it's way better that way, believe me. Anyway it's not all of them, you should click over to GQ for that, but I've got a select few of their perfectly fine photo-shoot of Justin Theroux right here after the jump...

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