Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Five Frames From ?


What movie is this?


verbocity said...

The Age of Adaline
Jake Barnes in Search of the Missing Pieces

Jason Adams said...

Nope not Age of Adaline

(sidenote: I googled this and nothing came up?)

FDot said...

I think it's that Bradley Cooper film where he steals Jeremy Irons' book, the title of which I do not remember.

Anonymous said...

Tolkien? I think that's recenty available at home, no?

Jason Adams said...

FDot is right, I was just hoping SOMEBODY would google the title! The movie's called The Words

verbocity said...

It was a joke. Jake Barnes is the hero The Sun Also Rises

Jason Adams said...

I figured it was something like that -- weird that TSAR didn't come up with a google. (I've also never read TSAR, hence my ignorance. I've always found Hemingway a slog.)