Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Plunge Your Knives Straight Into My Face

Well this one certainly appears to be living up to the hype I have been giving it myself since it was first announced -- we were immediately excited about Rian Johnson's forthcoming whodunit comedy (or as Chris Evans' blithely smirks, "CSI KFC") Knives Out since it stars Daniel Craig, the aforementioned Evans, Michael Shannon, a camp prepped Toni Collette...

... Jamie Lee Curtis, Lakeith Stanfield (with stache), 
Raul Castillo, Christopher Plummer, and 
several other super duper awesome folks...

... we even called it one of our ten most anticipated films for the year of the year when we listed such a list a few weeks ago. But they've just dropped the very first trailer for the film, which is out at Thanksgiving, and man alive if this thing didn't scoot from vaguely exciting straight on up to put this shit inside my fucking face and sew my face shut with it until I suffocate from happiness. Watch:

Can you even? I can't even.
Start counting the days, y'all.


Scott said...

This looks like a blast. Dying to see it.

Only slight negative - given the trailer and poster I guess Riki Lindhome (who I like a lot) only has a tiny part. Oh well. Still, it's a smashing cast.

Gus said...

This looks like a total hoot. Hope it come out this side of the pond at the same time as over in the US.