Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Good Afternoon, Gratuitous Cillian Murphy

Do you watch Peaky Blinders? I do not watch Peaky Blinders but sometimes I think I should. My boyfriend likes it, and everybody looks like they wear tweed and suspenders while having hot haircuts on it, and I miss looking at Cillian Murphy. Those are all good reasons, right? Taboo with Tom Hardy scratched some of those itches but that show is taking forever to come back so my itches, they're unscratched for too long, too long. 

Anyway the trailer for the latest season o' Peaky dropped today and I already had Cillian on my mind thanks to a random photo of him plus Hardy plus JGL circa Inception that I stumbled upon and tweeted yesterday, so here after the jump are a couple dozen photos via several Cillian shoots of recent years that I've never posted, for a late afternoon delight...

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