Thursday, July 18, 2019

Crawl in 150 Words or Less

Sleek as an alligator hand-purse on a high fashion runway Crawl is fat-less and smells great flying by -- goes down quick as a model's mint lunch and comes back up just as fast and fine and slick with delicious belly slime. Establishing bullshit is elbowed out of the way, a Wal-mart shopper on overdrive with the sales-rack clean before her -- she knows what she wants, she gon' git it, even if she has to shove a baby stroller down the steps on her way to that empty caloric bliss. You know the shot of the T-Rex gulping full goat, Jurassic appetizer? Crawl's all that and a bag of chips in a bloody underwater bodega. I licked my fat lips after, chip dust be damned.


Anonymous said...

Jason, not related to Crawl, but what film is this weeks header photograph from? If the rest of the film is like the still, I nominate it for a "Five Frames From?" entry!

Jason Adams said...

It's from the Netflix movie Velvet Buzzsaw, Anon

michaelmurmur said...

So much fun and the lead actress did a great job. Friday night cheesy fun!