Monday, June 03, 2019

Happy 14 to MNPP

Yesterday was the 14th anniversary of this here website o' mine My New Plaid Pants -- above you see the moment Jake Gyllenhaal read that news in his friendly neighborhood newspaper. It made him smile. It makes us all smile! And while I have you smiling, in case you missed my begging on Twitter yesterday this is the one day of the year (well two now since I was too lazy to sit down and write this post on my day off, but whatever) where I allow myself to openly prod for donations, which you can give right here at this link. I mean there's a donation link in the right-hand side-bar too so I suppose I am always technically asking, but I really need to stop picking holes in my arguments while I make them and just say, "Hello. I work hard on this site and make absolutely no money for it. If you've enjoyed it, if I have brought you pleasure, why not throw a cent or ten my way?" Okay back to the regularly scheduled beefcake. Thanks for listening, and extra special thanks to all the kind and generous folks who already contributed yesterday! (pics via)

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