Monday, June 03, 2019

Good Morning, World

Sure sure we ended last week with Richard Madden, it might be a bit much to begin the new one that way... but have you seen Richard Madden? Exactly. I hope you did all see Richard Madden this weekend actually, since I told you Rocketman was fun and that you should see it. I hope you listened! These shots aren't from Rocketman, they're from his 2018 comedy called Ibiza with Gillian Jacobs -- I haven't seen it but it's streaming on Netflix so perhaps I shall soon! Perhaps! Mayhaps, even. Sigh. Leave me alone, it's Monday morning, and real wit waits til Monday afternoon. Anyway didja read Richie's interview with the New York Times? He finally addresses those (bless you for asking, Kyle) rumors about his relationship with Brandon Flynn, and he doesn't say no...


Remington said...

He simply HAS to be in a relationship with Brandon! Otherwise, he wouldn't have said, "I've never talked about my relationships." If you're simply friend-mates and not in a romantic/sexual relationship then there isn't a relationship to talk about, you know? Ahhhh, I really hope he's bi or pan or whatever and I hope he fucking publicly owns it someday because that would just be SO cool. The more openly LGBTQIA+ people, the better. 😊

Side Note: "Ibiza" isn't the best movie (it has a super thin plot even by my standards) but it's worth checking out for Richard's scenes. He's only in a handful of them but I was surprised by how well he can do comedy. I know he was on the original "Sirens" but I haven't watched it yet. In "Ibiza", he gets to be a bit dorky and it's fucking adorable. Also, I'm OBSESSED with that grey streak in his hair!

dre said...

OR maybe he wants you to go see his film where he plays a gay man. I will never understand why gay people fall for this shite every single time. I think that if he were gay, he would say a little bit more than "I don't talk about my personal life." THAT sounds like a man using ambiguity to further his career. Just like Jonas did a couple of years ago. Why are we--as gay men--okay with the metaphoric carrot being dangled in front of us? Oh, right...because he's hot.