Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Crushed Like a Bug in the Ground

There's been a fascinating Radiohead wrinkle in the news the past few days -- I saw a rumor flying around last week that a hacker (I can't hear that word in anyone but Ariana Richards' voice) had hacked into Radiohead's, I don't know, hive-mind or whatever, and stolen eighteen hours worth of recording sessions for their 1997 album OK Computer (aka the album that changed my life). There were some snippets from the theft making the rounds, as if to convince everyone it was true -- supposedly the hacker was trying to make a hefty mint off of it, blackmail-wise, before releasing the full thing. But Radiohead ain't no fools and Thom Yorke ain't anybody's bitch -- today they acknowledged the truth of it and released the full eighteen hours of recordings their own damn selves. Their message on Instagram is below, and the link to buying the whole thing is right here. Bless 'em.

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