Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Spider-Bum Redux

How did I miss that a second picture of Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland's shapely as ever Spider-bum in Spider-Man: Far From Home got released around the same time that they dropped that first one that broke my brain? Maybe it was just that, that my brain was already broken, and it couldn't even process the second one? Anyway there's a second one (via), which has got me thinking that Far From Home (out in July) might just be the greatest Marvel movie ever made at this point. But what do we think the chances are that Mysterio will be a character that makes it into the fourth phase of Marvel movies? After watching Endgame I read somewhere (can't recall where) that his character points towards more magic a la Doctor Strange being brought into the Verse, but I just want Jake to stick around if I have to keep going to these things. I earned that. 

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A said...

Jake looks so handsome here. I'll pass on Spider-butt, for now.