Monday, May 13, 2019

Great Moments In Movie Staches

I was blessed to see Can You Ever Forgive Me and The Diary of a Teenage Girl director Marielle Heller speak about her so far killer career at the Tribeca Film Festival last weekend -- for a great report from the talk see what our pal Murtada wrote at TFE, or to see a bit of video I took see below -- and as soon as I got home I re-watched Diary for the third or fourth time, because hot damn it's a perfect film. Bel Powley is obviously magnificent but I really do wish Alexander Skarsgard had gotten more attention for just how sharp his work is.

Re-watching the movie in a post-Big Little Lies world is also interesting -- would Alex have gotten BLL without "Monroe" and would he have gotten all of the awards he did get for the latter role if "Monroe" hadn't primed us for his ace hold on playing morally horrific yet undeniably charismatic creeps? It's daring work he does, both sexy and pathetic all at once -- when has a perv-stache last felt this earned?

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