Monday, May 06, 2019

Good Morning, World

So how many of you watched Zac Efron play Ted Bundy in Extremely Close and Wicked and Something Blue this weekend? I got to see it a whole day early thanks to Tribeca and I really should've written something up quick-like in that brief misty time where I was better than y'all, but the movie, well, it didn't precisely inspire me to rush to the nearest computer. I din't think what's it's trying to do -- make us feel the betrayal that the people close to Bundy felt when his horrors came to light works because it demands something impossible from the audience. It demands either complete ignorance -- and who's watching a Ted Bundy movie without knowing what they're watching? -- or a complete oblivion of self, an absolute suspension of disbelief, in order to work, and the film never flied high enough to get that effort from me while watching. 

I am perversely fascinated by the tack that Berlinger took, making this a Romance Film for long stretches, but it always felt made in a vacuum where it's not taking into account what the audience is bringing in with them. It demands us to be stupid, but instead everybody on-screen just seems stupid. But perhaps your mileage varied? If you want to share in the comments feel free, please. And I'll bait you to hit the jump with some Zac's period-inappropriate tanned and rock-hard butt-cheeks gifs...


Jack said...

Tack, not tact.

Anonymous said...

Zac was surprisingly good.