Thursday, May 30, 2019

Good Morning, World

It took me a couple of extra days to get around to it but I watched the finale of Fosse / Verdon last night --which gifted us with this scene here of Jake Lacy (who played Gwen Verdon's long long long suffering partner Ron) -- and boy are my wings tired! Sorry the vaudevillian aspects of the show took me over for a second there. No in all seriousness Michelle Williams, a terribly gifted actress, did her finest work so far on the series, if you ask me...

... which you did, ask me that is, by clicking over here to my site. So there. I told you. I was a little less enamored with Rockwell's work, although to lay it all bare I had a chip on my shoulder towards him because of how bad I thought he was in Three Billboards and how he cruised to an Oscar for that, so my head very well might not've been screwed on generously towards his favor. I will say that his dancing scene with his daughter during the finale was one of my favorite scenes on the entire series -- he went out on a high note. But Michelle, Michelle was transcendent, really and truly. If you haven't watched the series it's worth it to watch her work alone. Jake Lacy in his boxer shorts is just a bonus! A big one. Hit the jump for a dozen more gifs...


Ryan T. said...

I honestly had to rewind that scene because I missed all the dialogue since I was so damn distracted!

As for Michelle Williams, wow she was SO good in this. I slightly agree with you on Rockwell, but I thought the last couple of episodes he really stepped up.

Anonymous said...

Co-sign all of this. As soon as I saw Lacey sit up in bed I knew someone (probably you ;) ) would GIF it and you did not disappoint.

Yes to everything you said about Williams. That scene on the sidewalk was heartbreakingly perfect.

And Rockwell just wasn't charismatic enough. He was practically non-sexual for a man who clearly had quite a sexual appetite. But he did have some good moments.