Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Good Morning, World

Quick note: I've got Tribeca screenings this morning so we'll be blog-quiet until later today. That said... hello, good morning, hey did you hear that Vincent Cassel just joined the cast of Westworld for the third season? That's the sort of casting news that sounds obvious in retrospect -- like you find yourself asking yourself if he hadn't already been there on the show the entire time. Of course they're not telling us anything about his character yet, and I'll be goddamned if I can recall literally anything about how the last season ended -- anybody? But Ben Barnes and Rodrigo Santoro and James Marsden all need a boyfriend if you ask me, so...

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Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Wright and Evan Rachel Wood and Tessa Thompson all escaped the island, right? I think it was those 3? Or at least 2 of those 3? Can't remember what happened to Thandie Newton, though, who is basically the only character I care about (and maybe Wright, too).