Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Quote of the Day

"I think if I was a kind of director using Robert [Pattinson] to get a bigger audience, I would puke on myself. It’s disgusting. I worked with Robert because Robert is great. That’s all. And just this sort of using him to get a greater audience is obscene to me. Really obscene.”

-- That quote is actually from a September interview with High Life director slash legend Claire Denis but I hadn't seen it before today and what better time than with the movie out in theaters this Friday, eh? (If you're in New York Denis & Pattinson are doing some Q&As to boot!) I'm glad we can finally slough the Twilight smear off of both Rob and Kristen Stewart now -- enough time's passed and they've both done their work to prove they're the real deal. If you missed my review of High Life when it screened at the New York Film Fest last fall you can read that right here -- I very much recommend seeing this eerie and fantastic movie. I am dying to re-see it myself. (Oh and here's the trailer.)

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