Monday, April 22, 2019

Matty's Mustang Rides High

The Mustang is proving to be one of those little indies that could, staying in the top 20 for the past three weeks and closing in on four million bucks -- sure four million bucks was the amount it cost to house Robert Downey Jr. for a week of Avengers shooting, but for a little drama about prison horses it's not to shabby. (Here's my review of The Mustang if you missed it.) Matthias Schoenaerts has got to be happy about this one and Happy Matthias makes us happy in turn. Anyway these pictures are from a new interview at The Last Magazine where he talks a little more about the film, and you can see all of them after the jump...

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Deets said...

This is ridiculous! Everyone should know that all Matthias photoshoots are to be done without clothing.