Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Good Morning, World

I've had Jean-Paul Belmondo on the brain ever since I wished him a happy birthday last week (alternate end to that sentence -- I have had Jean-Paul Belmondo on the brain ever since I first saw him in anything, ever.) Anyway whilst he's been occupying said brain space I stumbled upon the above picture of him cleanin' all his gallic bits and pieces and you know... solidarity with France and everything. We love you guys! For multiple reasons!


Pierce said...

I seem to recall you said you never saw Breathless, which is superb. However, if you can find it, he did a film of Les Miserables where he played an illiterate truck driver who took Jews over the border. His pay was that they read Les Miserables to him. It was marvelous, and I think it was also a Godard film. You may want to see it. Steve

Jason Adams said...

I've seen Breathless! A couple of times! I love it. But I haven't seen the LM movie so I'll try to seek that one out, thx for the rec :)

bdog said...

Breathless is such a great film. I gotta watch that again. Now.