Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Good Morning, Gratuitous Edward Bluemel

I don't want to say that every wide-jawed twink with floppy brown hair owes Timothée Chalamet a debt of gratitude in our current situation -- several hundred of them have Dunkirk to thank! -- but Edward Bluemel here, after staring at several dozen photographs of him, seems firmly ensconced in the Timmy Camp.

That didn't occur to me upon meeting him on Killing Eve this season, but then I spend most of my time staring at his crotch when he's on Killing Eve because clearly some sort of edict came down from upon high (aka Phoebe Waller Bridge) that the camera must stare directly at his crotch every time he's on-screen. It's very strange... and very appreciated.

Anyway Mr. Bluemel (follow him on Instagram here) is having a moment -- besides Eve he's also on Matthew Goode's witch show A Discovery of Witches, and he's on Netflix's Sex Education as well. I don't watch the former (should I?) and I've only watched two episodes of latter and keep forgetting to go back and watch the rest -- there's too much TV, dammit.

He was also kissing boys on some show called Halcyon, but I have never even heard of that one before. Anyway you'll see more of that kissing and more of him in general right here after the jump...


Rick Schoen said...

The Halcyon was great but, alas, it only lasted one 8-episode season. His mother was played by terrific Olivia Williams.

Jason Adams said...

OLIVIA WILLIAMS!!!!!!!!! God she rules