Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Bond-y Beach

Well this is a good sign -- Cary Fukunaga's upcoming 007 flick (as of now still untitled) is going to shoot a bunch in Jamaica, says DH. That's where a bunch of the very first James Bond picture Dr. No was filmed, which is why I'm illustrating this post with Sean Connery and not Daniel Craig by the way -- there are only so many times I can post that gif of Craig walking out of the ocean in Casino Royale, ya know? That number is very very high, but there's a limit, and I just posted it last week. Anyway let's hope that this is why Daniel Craig has been working out TWELVE HOURS A DAY -- because half of his final Bond film will be a fun-time speedo romp on the beach. Give the people what they want, Cary! Super-spy Beefcake, that is.

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