Wednesday, March 06, 2019

This is What the Fest, That's What

I know I say this often and everyone who doesn't live in New York is probably sending daggers via their eyes or anthrax via the postal service my way when I do, but the riches we're spoiled with in this city are tremendous and exhausting. A good exhausting, like a sexual exhausting. But my calendar is spent. That is to say that I'm working on a piece about the just-announced titles at this year's Tribeca Film Festival, which I'll be covering for The Film Experience again, when what should appear in my inbox but the just-announced line-up for this year's second edition of "What's the Fest?" a series held at the IFC Center that highlights new genre weirdness that's got a killer line-up this year. Let us glance at it!

You can check out all they're screening between March 20th and 24th right here. The titles that're immediately poking me in the eye are Shinichiro Ueda's zombie comedy One Cut of the Dead, which horror fans have been going absolutely insane for at festivals the world over for the past several months to the point where the buzz has gotten kind of deafening, if you're attuned to horror buzz at least; there's The Wind, IFC Midnight's forthcoming (they're releasing it on April 5th) 19th Century set spooker about a woman alone on the dark nowhere prairies of early America...

There's Depraved, a new flick from Habit and Wendigo director Larry Fessenden that re-stages Frankenstein in a Brooklyn loft; there's Penny Lane's Satanic Temple documentary Hail Satan?, which just played Sundance to some enthusiasm; there's a movie starring Caleb Landry Jones called To the Night that they call "in the tradition of other Austrian provocateurs like Michael Haneke"; and there is the new film from the master Zhang fuckin' Yimou, director of Hero and House of Flying Daggers, called Shadow.

And that's just a selection -- there are 
several more titles, check it all out. Phew!

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