Monday, March 25, 2019

I'd Really Love To Touch You

Remember when Volcano and Dante's Peak both came out in 1997? Or how Deep Impact and Armageddon both struck in 1998? What about the dueling Truman Capote movies of 2005? There's a long and rich history of fertile cinematic territory getting double-dicked like that, all suddenly at once, and it looks like the 25th anniversary of Showgirls next year is ripe for that same generous treatment. It only seems right, right?

When the Tribeca Film Festival announced its schedule at the start of this month I told you about You Don't Nomi, a documentary that is playing the fest at the end of April. You can read more about it right here on Tribeca's website -- single ticket sales start tomorrow, by the way! 

But that's not the only rodeo in town, darlin' -- Jeffrey Schwartz, the documentarian behind the docs on I Am Divine, Tab Hunter Confidential, and The Fabulous Allan Carr, is currently raising funds for his own documentary on Paul Verhoeven's great trash-terpiece via Kickstarter! Called Goddess: The Fall and Rise of Showgirls, you can check out his pitch at that link; there are some great rewards for helping them out -- they mean to have that in theaters next year for when the film celebrates its 25th birthday in September.

Will one push the other down the stairs and claim victory? What will be the difference between the two? Don't know, don't care -- you better believe I will watch them both. There is no bottom to the depths I'm willing to plunge to for Showgirls dirt. It is joy, it is ecstasy, it is better than a ten-inch dick and you know it.

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Jack said...

The only thing better than 10-inch dick is 11-inch dick